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Dental Crown

Close up 3D model of a dental crown being placed on a toothA crown is called a crown for a fairly straightforward reason. It is because it provides a cap for your tooth to help protect the tooth from additional damage. There are different reasons to get a crown, with the most common reason being that you have had a root canal. Crowns can be made of a few different types of material and should fit well enough in your mouth to feel like a part of your natural set of teeth. If you need a crown for any reason, let our professional team at Bravo Smile create the perfect crown for you.

Why Are Crowns Needed?

The reasons for getting a crown are varied, but they all come down to a tooth that has been damaged or decayed. Broken, chipped, and cracked teeth can be held together with a crown to prevent further damage or decay to the tooth. Crowns are used after root canals to cap the hole in the tooth to prevent infection from reentering the inner areas of the tooth. Crowns may also be used to cover cavities that are too large for fillings or to improve the appearance of a tooth that is severely worn down or discolored. They may also be used as an addition to bridge work on your teeth, to help hold your bridge in place.

What Is The Procedure for Getting a Crown?

Creating and placing a crown on a tooth usually involves two visits to our offices. During the first visit, we will reshape the tooth to fit the crown after giving you an anesthetic. We may take x- rays to get a better picture of the tooth and the areas surrounding the tooth, to ensure that the tooth is as healthy as possible and that we are providing the correct type and placement of the crown to be the most beneficial for you. Once the tooth is shaped, we will take an impression of the tooth and the teeth around it which we will use to create the crown itself. Creating the final crown may take a week or two, so in the meantime, we will fit you with a temporary crown to protect the tooth and allow you to go about your life normally until the permanent crown is made.

At your next appointment to receive your permanent crown, we will remove the temporary crown and ensure that the permanent crown commits to your full satisfaction as far as look, feel, and placement. We will check things like how the crown fits when you bite down, and how it feels in your mouth. Once you are completely satisfied with the permanent crown and our dentists are completely satisfied with how it fits on your tooth, we will cement the crown into place. We will instruct you on the aftercare of your crown, and you can usually resume all normal activities just a few hours after it is placed.

If you are having any issues with your teeth that you believe may require a crown, please call our experienced team today at (971) 441-5987. At Bravo Smile, we can help you get exactly what you need to keep your smile in the best shape.

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