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Dental Filling

3D rendering of three teeth each with a different dental filling material: composite, amalgam, and goldDental fillings are surprisingly very common; in fact, more Americans have a dental filling than those who do not. There are a number of reasons why a patient may need a filling. Fillings are most often used to reshape the tooth after a cavity or other tooth decay has been removed, though they are also used to repair teeth after severe grinding, or if a tooth has been chipped.

A dental filling can make it more comfortable to chew your food if your teeth are uneven or do not fit together well. If you think you need a dental filling, let our caring team at Bravo Smile take care of your teeth today.

What are the Types of Dental Fillings?

Though dental fillings are only performed for a few different reasons, the types of fillings available are numerous. The type of filling used for your teeth may vary based on a variety of things, including the placement of the cavity or where the filling is necessary, your medical history, and even your preference. Our excellent professionals can help you choose which filling is right for you.

The most common type of filling material used is called a composite filling. This filling is made up of a combination of materials. After application, the material is exposed to a specific type of light that causes it to change composition and harden. Also note that composite tooth-colored fillings used at BravoSmile do not contain BPA or other toxic substances. Many people choose this type of tooth filling over others because it can be matched closely to the color of their teeth.

Ceramic dental fillings are also a popular choice. Although more brittle than composite fillings, ceramic fillings are better at preventing staining and abrasion on the filling. They also will closely match the color of your teeth and may last for a number of years more than composite fillings.

Glass ionomer is another type of filling material commonly used in dentistry. It is a great support material and sticks to root surfaces better than most materials. The lifespan of this filling material is short, but it is also the only filling material that produces fluoride around the filling itself, helping to prevent further decay of the tooth around it. Gold metal fillings are also available.

What is the Process for Getting a Filling?

If a filling is needed, the process begins with numbing the area around where the filling will be performed. Then, in the case of a cavity, we will remove the affected area of the tooth and clean it thoroughly. This prevents the cavity from spreading further and trapping bacteria in your tooth under the filling. The area is cleaned, and then the filling material is applied. Finally, the filling is shaped and polished as necessary to ensure a good fit with your tooth and your bite profile. Afterward, we will instruct you on how to take care of the filling and the surrounding area to prevent further decay in the affected tooth and other teeth as well. If you believe you may need a filling, please call our professionals at Bravo Smile at (971) 441-5987 today to schedule an appointment at our office.

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