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Periodontal Care

Side by side drawings comparing a healthy tooth with another tooth suffering from periodontal diseaseIf you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, then periodontal maintenance is something that will likely become a regular part of your life. Periodontal disease is when you have an excessive buildup of tartar between your teeth and gums, with the bacteria going deep down in your gums sometimes even to the root of your teeth. Untreated periodontal disease can lead to many negative things for your oral health, including infection, bone loss, and even major health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease and will be needing periodontal maintenance, call our caring team at Bravo Smile today to set up an appointment. Let us help you keep your mouth in the best health possible.

What is Gum Disease

Gum disease can be a very serious issue if not detected early. It happens when plaque builds up on your teeth and if you do not keep your mouth healthy, then that plaque can move away from the tooth and towards the gums. Once the gums are infected, this causes gingivitis. Gingivitis can cause your gums to become red and inflamed, and very tender. Spitting blood when you brush or floss your teeth is also a common sign of gingivitis, and if it is not treated early, the bacteria can ruin your gums, jawbone, and can even cause significant damage to other parts of your body. In the early stages of gum disease, the disease is treatable with proper oral hygiene. However, as the disease gets worse, it becomes more and more difficult to treat and the dentist can only maintain the disease.

What Will A Periodontal Maintenance Cleaning Consist Of?

Periodontal maintenance may require cleaning appointments every three to four months. There are some similarities to a regular dental cleaning when you have periodontal cleaning. However, the purpose is to focus more specifically on removing bacteria from the pockets in between your gums and teeth.

The procedure during periodontal maintenance will require a few different steps.The first step after administration of local anesthesia is supragingival cleaning, which is what is done during a normal dental cleaning. Plaque and bacteria are removed from the teeth above the gumline with scraping tools and then rinsed away. The next step in periodontal maintenance is known as subgingival cleaning or scaling. This is where the doctor or technician will remove plaque and bacteria from the pockets which have formed between your gums and your teeth. The plaque is scraped away and then the pockets are rinsed out to ensure that as much bacteria as possible is removed.

The next stage in the process is called root planing. In this stage, the surfaces of your teeth’s roots are smoothed to remove any remaining bacteria. This is a very important part of the process for ensuring that no bacteria remain deep within your gums. At the end of these processes, medication may be applied in the pockets between your gums and your teeth that will help prevent bacteria from growing and spreading. Finally, we may perform more x-rays of your mouth to evaluate the extent of the damage from periodontal disease and further steps that need to be taken.

Will I Need To Have Periodontal Maintenance Forever?

Periodontal disease is considered a chronic condition. If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, the damage done cannot be reversed, however, it is possible to keep it in check with a regular schedule of routine dental cleanings as well as periodontal maintenance. Establishing a routine of thorough oral hygiene habits such as tooth brushing and flossing will also help to keep your periodontal disease from becoming worse. Because bacteria below the gum line that is trapped in the pockets between your teeth and gums can grow so quickly, periodontal maintenance needs to happen more often than standard cleanings.

If you need to set up a schedule of periodontal maintenance to keep your oral health in the best shape possible, please do not hesitate to call our professionals at Bravo Smile at (971) 441-5987 and let us take care of you. We look forward to helping you achieve a happy, healthy smile today!

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