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Porcelain Crown

Close up 3D rendering of a shaved down tooth being capped with a porcelain dental crownHaving a broken or damaged tooth could be not only be painful, but also lead to oral health issues in the future. Porcelain crowns are the most commonly used crowns to fix any broken teeth and to revive the normal function of the tooth. If a tooth is left without a crown, it could to lead to larger more expensive issues in the future. If you considering getting a porcelain dental crown, the dentists at Bravo Smile will be able to help you determine if you are the right fit.

How Do Porcelain Crowns Work?

Porcelain crows work very similar to most other types of crowns. The procedure starts with the cleaning while also reshaping your tooth to ensure a perfect fit of the crown. While the dentist reshapes the tooth, they will also taper your tooth for a tight but comfortable fit.

Once the reshaping has been completed, an impression will be taken using a dental putty. The putty will be what your crown will be made from after it is sent to a lab. The dentist will not leave you with a gap in your teeth, they will place a temporary crown in your mouth while waiting approximately two weeks for your porcelain crown to arrive.

It is important to keep the next appointment when the crown returns from the lab. They will call to schedule you for the placement of your new Porcelain crown. They will ensure the fit is perfect before they make the crown more permeant with the dental cement.

Advantages and Disadvantages

As mentioned above, porcelain crowns are the most commonly used. The advantage to using this type of crown is that there is a similar translucency of the porcelain as it relates to our normal tooth color. It also eliminates any allergic reactions patients might have to certain types of metals such as silver or gold. Also, another benefit is that you have the ability to have an alignment or a form correction in the future if you need it.

Ensure that your porcelain crown is perfect, it does have a bit of a time-consuming process in order to create it. In some instances, it can take at least two to three weeks to get the final crown completed. Porcelain crowns can also get expensive competed to other materials. This type of crown is able to break or crack easier than materials such as gold.

What is the Cost for Porcelain Crowns?

Porcelain crowns look the best compared next to your original teeth; however, they can become expensive. The price of the crows is worth it because of the natural look the provide. Pricing will vary by location and the experience of the dentist placing the crown but the average cost for one crown can be a minimum of $1,500 without insurance.

Crown Care

Taking care of your teeth is imperative to good oral health and taking care of your porcelain crown is even more important to reduce the cost you might have to pay on replacements. They can last from five to fifteen years if they are properly maintained. A benefit to having porcelain crowns is that your oral care will be no different from your regular care of your teeth. It is recommended that you brush twice a day and floss at least once while also visiting your dentist at least twice a year.

We are here to answer any of your questions. If you are looking for advice on getting a porcelain crown, contact Bravo Smile at (971) 441-5987 to make an appointment discussing your options.

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