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Sports Guard

Close up of a hand holding a sports guard against a black background You see them everywhere in major league sports, and their importance cannot be overstated, but what exactly is the importance of using a mouthguard when playing sports? The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends mouthguard use for 23 different types of sports. High contact sports are when it is most important to use a mouthguard, including football, boxing,martial arts, or hockey.

However, in any case, where there may be a sudden impact to the jaw or face, a mouthguard is extremely important to have. Let our professional team at Bravo Smile create the most well-fitting and comfortable mouthguard for whatever sports you or your child play.

Why Is a Custom Mouthguard Important?

The main purpose behind a mouthguard used during sports is to prevent damage to your or your children’s teeth. Especially in high contact sports, mouthguards should be considered just as important as a helmet or padding. Estimates are that more than five million teeth are knocked out every year, and they can be costly and painful to replace. Mouthguards can also help prevent tooth chipping, nerve damage to teeth, and soft tissue damage to the inside of the mouth or jaw when the face is impacted. Wearing a mouth guard during sports may also help reduce the severity of a concussion.

Custom mouth guards for sports provide more comfort and protection than other types of mouthguards available. Over the counter mouth guards for sports can be bulky and uncomfortable and make it difficult to speak and sometimes even breath properly and deeply. Especially if you are getting the mouth guard for a child, it is important to have something that is comfortable and easy for them to wear. Custom mouthguards may also be made of more resilient material than an over-the-counter mouthguard and so may last longer. Another great thing about custom mouthguards is that they can be made to fit over braces and other dental work that is already in place in your child’s mouth, ensuring that your child’s teeth are protected during their activities as well as possible.

Mouthguards for children will need to be replaced often as the child grows and their teeth grow and change with them. Even for adults, mouth guards should be inspected regularly to determine if they are getting weak and need replacement. With regular use, mouth guards can wear down and provide less protection for your bones and teeth.

How Can I Get a Custom Mouth Guard?

With the help from our experienced team here at Bravo Smile, getting a custom mouthguard made is fairly easy. We will take impressions of your teeth and form the mouth guard over that custom mold, so you have the most secure and comfortable fit possible. If you currently use a mouthguard and want to get a new one, or you simply want to make sure what you are using is giving you the best protection, please give our team a call today at (971) 441-5987. Your oral health is our highest priority, and that includes assuring your or your child’s teeth are protected during high-risk activities. Give our offices at Bravo Smile a call today!

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