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Tooth Extraction

Row of wooden tooth shapes, one of which is being pulled out of the row by dental pliersA dental extraction is when the full tooth is pulled from the jawbone inside your mouth. Dental extractions can be necessary for many reasons, but the most common is when a tooth is too badly damaged or decayed for it to be repaired in your mouth. When this happens, it will be necessary to look into other restoration options - such a bridge, implant, or dentures – in order to replace the missing tooth. If you feel as though you may need a tooth extraction, then we here at Bravo Smile can examine your teeth and help determine if you may need this procedure.

Why Does My Tooth Need to Be Extracted?

A tooth extraction may happen for a number of reasons. You may have had a root canal or cavity that requires so much removal of the tooth material that it makes more sense to extract the whole tooth. Your teeth may not have enough room in your mouth, and so a tooth needs to be extracted so your other teeth can be aligned to better fit and give you a better smile and bite profile. Also, if your tooth is severely infected or in danger of spreading the infection to other parts of your mouth, that may be a sign that the tooth should be removed. In rare cases, it is also possible that baby teeth will not fall out when they are supposed to, preventing adult teeth from growing in and causing complications.

What is the Procedure for a Tooth Extraction?

Once our team has determined that you need a tooth extracted, we will do our best to have that happen as quickly as possible, especially if the tooth is causing you pain. You will be given anesthesia locally to provide the best possible situation for you to have the tooth removed. We will use forceps and other specialized dental instruments to rock the tooth back and forth, loosening the tooth in its socket before it is completely removed, whether whole or in pieces. Afterward, the tooth will be packed with gauze and other measures, such as a small number of sutures, may be taken to ensure that the hole from the removed tooth heals well and completely. Before you leave our offices, we will ensure that you are feeling well from the anesthesia and are not having any side effects.

It is important that you explain a complete medical history before you have a tooth extracted. There are many things, such as heart issues and joint replacements, that may be a key factor in having your tooth extracted. Our professionals will go over your medical history thoroughly to make sure your procedure is simple and safe. Some extractions may need to be done by one of the oral surgeons or periodontal specialists we work with. After you leave our offices, it is important to follow all the aftercare instructions we provide. This will ensure that the hole created by your extracted tooth will heal properly and help prevent you from developing a dry socket.

If you believe that a tooth extraction may be necessary for your future, please call us today at (971) 441-5987 and let our team of caring professionals help you. At Bravo Smile, we will give you the best care available for all your oral health needs.

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